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    240201 - Ripley's Believe It or Not

    Do hair and nails grow after death? A Truly Remarkable Life - Robert Ripley led an incredible life of adventure and excitement and forever will be remembered for coining one of the most recognized and used phrases in the English language: Believe It or Not!

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    Add to Cart240201-02Ripley's Believe It or Not02/28/18- 02/28/1810:00A- 3:30PWOff Site$10Item Details

    240202 - UTA Planetarium

    What does it take to become an astronaut? Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut. For the first time the aurora has been captured as it was meant to be experienced, as a display that covers the entire sky. This immersive show shares the science behind the aurora and tells the story of our quest to find and photograph the aurora for wraparound display in full dome theaters. Experience an exciting and interactive science show presented by the Science Ambassadors. Chemistry comes to life with live demonstrations involving dry ice, liquid nitrogen and fire.

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    Add to Cart240202-03UTA Planetarium03/20/18- 03/20/1810:00A- 3:30PTuOff Site$0Item Details

    240203 - BRITT Botanical Research Institute of Texas

    We are the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, an international scientific research and learning center focused on conservation and knowledge sharing. Learn about BRIT's history, present and future, as we talk about our research programs, herbarium, libraries, educational programs, and BRIT's sustainable building. BRIT is green from the ground up; learn how and why as you take this tour of BRIT's amazing new LEED platinum home.

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    Add to Cart240203-04BRIT Botanical Research Institute of Texas04/12/18- 04/12/18 9:00A- 3:30PThOff Site$0Item Details

    240204 - Museum Madness

    The Mary Kay Museum is a tribute to the millions of women throughout the years who have embraced her vision, built its success and passed it on from generation to generation. It is the opportunity to experience the dream that began more than four decades ago and has been enriching lives ever since. The museum displays the many accomplishments and innovative business ideas of Mary Kay Ash.

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    Add to Cart240204-03The Mary Kay Museum03/08/18- 03/08/1810:00A- 3:30PThOff Site$0Item Details

    240205 - Mystery Lunch

    Join us for a scrumptious lunch and plenty of head scratching. Come solve the mystery as we travel to different restaurants in the DFW area each month. Registration is required. *Lunch cost varies. This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

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    Add to Cart240205-02Mystery Lunch02/21/18- 02/21/1812:30P- 3:30PWOff Site$0Item Details
    Add to Cart240205-03Mystery Lunch03/21/18- 03/21/1812:30P- 3:30PWOff Site$0Item Details
    Add to Cart240205-04Mystery Lunch04/18/18- 04/18/1812:30P- 3:30PWOff Site$0Item Details

    240206 - Dining Out

    Have you missed the fun of exploring the local restaurants and making new friends? This group meets at 5pm on 3rd Monday of each month at the selected restaurant. Registration is required one week in advance. We will let you know where you will be going each month when you register. Transportation: You are responsible for getting to the restaurant. * Dinner cost varies. No lottery.

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    Add to Cart240206-03Dining Out March03/19/18- 03/19/18 5:00P- 9:00PMOff Site$0Item Details
    Add to Cart240206-04Dining Out April04/16/18- 04/16/18 5:00P- 9:00PMOff Site$0Item Details

    240207 - FabEuless Finds

    Sit back and enjoy a day of FabEuless Finds. This group will be on an adventure to find those fabulous finds. We may stop for a new purse or taste a new cupcake or coffee shop and you never know we might catch a train. Each month we will shop at different locations. This group meets the last Friday of each month. No trip in March.

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    Add to Cart240207-02FabEuless Finds02/23/18- 02/23/18 9:45A- 3:30PFOff Site$5Item Details
    Add to Cart240207-04FabEuless Finds04/27/18- 04/27/18 9:30A- 3:30PFOff Site$0Item Details
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